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Daily istanbul tours

Daily istanbul tours , cappadocia tours

It is very easy to write about Istanbul, the most influential event is Cappadocia. I woke up early in the morning and wondered if we woke up in a moment or something. The reason for this is that when we woke up in the morning because we did not see the night at night and did darkness the sight of that cappadocia was incredibly beautiful when we arrived at the sun in the morning. Anyway, the room was very Daily istanbul tours spacious and we also stayed at the Cave hotel which was designed with authentic historical anatolian architecture and motif.  There are cave hotels especially in Urgup region. The cave hotel had a natural ventilation system that was hot in the summertime and cool in the winter. Cappadocia, especially Anatolian houses are located in the cheese and cream cheese and egg, which are provided here, we all made an organic and natural breakfast. We drank Turkish breakfast, which was very special in Turkey. Do not forget that Ylanlmaz is sunglasses and sun hat in August and July.


We started with Pigeon and Devrent Valley when CAppadocia was the first company. Pigeon valley to put it briefly. Very briefly here we watched pigeon bird flights. We watched a particularly magnificent flight of birds. From here, underground city 7 and 5 storeys Another feature is that at least 5,000 people are attacked from the battles cappadocia tours Used to hide. In addition, in the underground cities religious worship is done. Hidden cave church in Christianity Religious objects and pictures of Jesus and prophet Mary.There are especially orthodox churches here. In Cappadocia open air museum, many fairy chimneys and cave were used as living space. At the same time we have cappadocia, and in the sky we have very big balloon flights. It was 250 meters high. Cappadocia gave the balloon flight document and at the same time was celebrated with champagne. Not everyone can do it alone.

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Daily Turkey tours

To describe Pamukkale briefly, it is similar to a castle made of cotton. The recipe was located in a rather difficult place with Private Mercedes car to reach Pamukkale. We went in here with a ticket. Here, like other truzim destinations, here is the site of the site and is on the world heritage list by Unesco. When it is a protected area, there is no Daily Turkey tours building or even road construction for special protection and surroundings. This is a very natural kind of nature that has formed over thousands of years, as soft as cotton, as if it were as white as cotton. It is formed after the erosion of the water coming from the mountains which are very high. There was a pool situated in this gorgeous building. People are so happy to swim here. Even if the water here is somewhat white in color, it is thought to be the healing water of the place. We also told our tour guide Ender Bey
Clopatra, the queen of the Roman emperor, served as a beauty and health center for this.
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Daily cappadocia tours , Turkey tours

Istanbul made the trip to the hotel located in oldcity sultanahmet with primarily private airport transfer over the evening. After dinner we had free time The buildings in Sultanahmet have a very nice evening view, horses made of flowers with horseshoes and hippodrome. There is also a tea garden on the upper part of the municipality which is directly opposite Istanbul Blue mosque and open until 22:00. I checked here my mails and shared some very special pictures on social media. There is aز free wife service in istanbul oldcity region. We also had tea and filter Daily cappadocia tours coffee which was very delicious here. There were aged and dry pastries which were very fresh and tasty. We arrived at the hotel, which is 10 minutes walk from the ÇAY garden. The hotel is an old mansion that has been extremely historic restored. Since it is built with old ottoman architecture, there are very spacious rooms here. Behind a beautiful and comfortable night in our hotel room


We met our tour guide Ender BEy waiting for us in the hotel lobby after breakfast in the morning. For Private istanbul tour
Everything was ready. In order to avoid being affected by the sun burning effect especially for those going to Istanbul in summer,
And I recommend you take a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Especially from 13:00 to 15:00 noon there is a very sunny effect. During this journey, istanbul is in front of our Turkey tours incredible historical eyes because there is an Ottoman empire in one place and artifacts and structures in the other in the time of the Roman empire. The buildings made in istanbul alone were made by the most famous architects of the period and as the greatest and literally artwork. Everything was turned into a very strong fortress built by Sultan Mehmet in 1453 in Istanbul. The Eastern Roman emperors enter here, especially during the successes and wars of Belgrade Gate prior. In the Ottoman period, istanbul is entered from Yenikapi entrance.

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